AA Ariel

The month of May is devoted to AA Ariel.  Historically there are few references to this Archangel and mainly referred to in Judaism and early Christianity mysticism.  Ariel is the poetic name of Jerusalem and is believed by Gnostics to have ruled the winds.  AA Ariel is very much associated with the elements and works diligently for the environment and is sometimes referred to as the AA of the Earth.  She works closely with fairies in environmental causes.

Ariel means “Lioness of God” and is usually depicted as a beautiful, and powerful woman.  As with the association with Lioness, courage comes to mind with Ariel. I feel we are now approaching ‘our time’ and it is necessary to be courageous in our beliefs and stand up for them.  More and more people are shedding their old selves, the ones that have not served them well.  In doing so, there is the necessity of being strong and brave in times of adversity, change and new direction.  This is not always easy.  Call upon AA Ariel for courage and focus.

I envision AA Ariel in the ‘Warrior ‘ pose in yoga.  She moves with grace and ease, like a lioness.   AA Ariel works with AA Raphael and the healing of animals (mainly birds and non-domesticated animals).  Call upon AA Ariel if you have a calling to help animals or you are involved in their protection.

AA Ariel is also helpful in manifesting prosperity.  She will help you manifest your dreams into reality.  Ask for her help in following your intuition and allowing yourself to have all the material needs you require, so that you are free to follow your life purpose.